Election Day Open Thread

I voted at seven this morning at a quiet ballot place. I feel spectacular not only because I beat the lines; I felt like I was casting my vote to shape the destiny of the United States. Before I went to work, my relatives and I helped out the local party office in efforts to get out the vote. Everyone around me was rather peaceful and serene–except for a few hand-wringers. Most of all, I truly felt, like Mr. Obama’s words, I had a part to play in the larger drama of American history.

Whatever happens, this will be a day and night to remember. I personally feel that the cloud of the last eight years will be lifted and that the ugliness of the past will be over.

Above all else, please vote. It is your chance to participate in the system and exercise your voice. If I had to, I would truly walk ten miles to the nearest precinct just to vote. It is that important. Be an instrument of change.

How did you spend your election day? Please engage in civil chat below.

Remember, no spam please. We want to just exchange thoughts and live this wonderful day moment by moment.


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