The Economy Is Nothing But a Lump of Coal in Everyone’s Stocking

As time goes on the economic crisis in America and abroad becomes more sordidly complex. This is especially the case about the long, protracted struggle to find a way to help the Big Three out of their financial woes. Relief is supposed to come in a $14 billion package that would help keep each company running until a more substantial plan could be decided upon in the Obama Administration. To put it aptly, the ingredients are there to make a move to save the Automotive Industry. Yet, the main course hasn’t been prepared, cooked and placed on a silver platter.

Mark Representative Barney Frank’s words: if nothing is done, the stalwarts of the car industry will come crashing down. That means the already staggering 6.7 percent of unemployment in the United States will get worse. After all, the caustic financial climate has already gripped the nation in ways that will be felt for many years.

You can see the results happening just this quickly in the midst of the volatile market. Institutions that lend out money won’t be doing so for “high risk” customers. And while the more well-to-do holler at the poor to “get jobs” (that are being axed due to down-sizing as we speak) or “get an education for upward mobility” (an affordable college education is getting scarce too in the states), they at least can stay comfortably in their houses while their tax breaks expire in 2011.

The struggle between Main St. and Wall St. becomes a battle royal of who is most important in eyes of the government.

What angers a lot of Americans is that Wall St. is continuing to get more support than everyday folks in this economy. The corporations ask the government for bail-out money, take it and instead use some of it to have a small retreat with a couple of golden parachutes for their CEO’s thrown in. Despite all this, they continue to ask Congress to help them solve their business failures. The jury is still out whether the government has learned its lesson after the $700 billion hand-out.

(You have to hand it to the Big Three though. They got wise before their hearing Friday and showed up in electric cars.)

Do the people of Main St. have to keep on waiting before there are policies that will bail us out too? It always seems that way.


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