One Small Request For President-Elect Obama

Even though these days find President-Elect Obama with his hands full, I hope that one of his advisers would mention this little tidbit: if the Department of Homeland Security must be kept, please change its name. Ever since the Republicans began throwing around the word “homeland”, it has always been a quiet reminder of a fascist dictatorship instead of a democracy.

Well, heck. Let’s be blunt. The word, “homeland” is synonymous with the Third Reich and the “vaterland”. It is rather offensive. Furthermore, the word and its connotation flies in the face of everything Americans have fought for and believed in.

The very notion of tying America to the “fatherland” reeks of authoritarianism conveying a society that is submissive and child-like. The “homeland”, as a concept, also emits a sense of McCarthyism pitting neighbor against neighbor in the race of who represents the most patriotic and servile to the state. This aspect could be seen in the eruption of super-patriotism right after the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade center.

In the spirit of change and the restoration of an American government of the people, the notion of the “homeland” has outlived its use. We must not live in a nation of fear and terror anymore. Striking down the word and meaning of the “homeland” shows that as citizens of the United States, we didn’t let September 11th own us.

The time for empowerment has come.


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