Dead In the Water

That’s the news coming out of Washington about the auto bailout Thursday night. The GOP faction of the Senate linked arms and voted the bill down. Who became the target of why the bill went down 52 to 35? The United Auto Workers (UAW). Yep. The vote comes at the price of slapping the faces of the unions. Because of this vote, working people get the shaft again.

From the pages of Salon:

Republicans were directly challenging Bush, arguing that any support for the domestic auto industry should carry significant, specific concessions from autoworkers and creditors. They are also bitterly opposed to tougher environmental rules carmakers would have to meet as part of the House-passed version of the rescue package — something that also faces some Democratic opposition.

What is especially telling about the outcome of this vote is that there are some politicians who cannot even bring themselves to think that if the Big Three goes down in flames, our economy is heading right down with it. During the Senate hearing for the auto bailout this morning, Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) explained that other countries readily went to the aid of their automotive industries when they were in trouble. Why in the heck should we let ours go down in smoke?

The Republicans played the economy off along with President Bush and kept on pretending that the sky wasn’t falling. When it has, they do the one thing to make the sky rain flaming meteors upon their own country.

Don’t they love America?

Doesn’t it ever cross the Republicans’ minds that if the automotive industry is not saved, that hard-working, “pro-Americans” lose jobs?

There’s a few things that the GOP has to think about when going on this crusade against funding the Big Three:

  • If there are no jobs, families have to ask the government to help them–via welfare or unemployment checks.
  • Because of the lack of work, families don’t spend a lot a money on consumer goods. That means if demand is low, companies fail.
  • Even worse, families have to split up to find jobs in other places in order to make ends meet. That alone shoots the GOP’s so-called family values right in the foot.

    You’ve got to ask one thing, though. In the midst of looking out for the hard-working people who supposedly exhibited the GOP’s version of pro-Americanism, weren’t those conservatives thinking about Joe the Plumber, their patriotic über-man? Oh, that’s right. He just cast Senator John McCain (R-AZ) away in traditional Shakespearian style.

    Fancy that.


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