The “Shoe Incident” Raises New Issues To Ponder

On the day that Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg has decided to make a go for the Senate seat in New York and that the electoral college had certified the votes made in the 2008 election, the shoe-throwing occurrence has caused a furor across the world in many ways.

Keep a scorecard ready. Mr. Munthader Zaidi, the journalist who expressed his opinion about the American occupation of Iraq, is in jail. While his behavior has garnered mixed reviews among some Iraqi citizens, others have poured out into the streets to demand for Mr. Zaidi to be released from prison. The correspondent’s station, al-Baghdadia, is also calling for the 28-year-old journalist to be let go.

On the Western front, heads are rolling as the post mortem of the situation is being mulled over in the press and security circles. During the examination of the entire incident involving President Bush’s press conference with Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Secret Service’s slow response time is being questioned as a result of the split-second timing of two shoes being hurled at the podium of a international leader.

What did the folks who are responsible for protecting the President of the United States say? That, of course, they acted with the “proper balance of aggressiveness and restraint” as stated in the New York Times:

Eric Zahren, a Secret Service spokesman in Washington, also said it will be up to Iraqi officials to prosecute Muntadar al-Zaidi, the journalist arrested in Sunday’s incident.

“No one should read anything more into it than what it was, which was an individual throwing a shoe,” Zahren said.

Now do you believe that beneath all the down-playing and the self-possession by the Bush Administration over this incident, that quietly some heads are about to roll for what happened? Of course. Will we see journalists take off their shoes as a result in future press conferences?

Let’s hope that the Fourth Estate all undergoes very expensive pedicures complete with a Tea Tree Oil foot soak. 😉


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